Risk Management & Insurance

The South Carolina State Soccer Association (SCASA) participates in the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) Risk Management Program by virtue of membership with USASA. This program assists all members in reducing out-of-pocket financial risk involved in the game. The comprehensive plan provides protection for every player, team and league and is one of the benefits of membership with SCASA. USASA purchases the insurance coverage on behalf of its member players, teams, and leagues for protection in the event of claims arising out of activities organized by its members. The insurance premium is part of the player registration fee that is paid annually.

Participant Accident Risk

The participant accident risk policy covers each registered player resulting from accident injury while playing for the team during sanctioned amateur soccer activities in scheduled league games, USASA-sanctioned tournaments & official practice sessions of the team.  The policy is a secondary coverage that helps defray costs for medical and dental expenses, which for the most part is to assist for payments not covered by a primary medical insurance policy.  If an injured member does not have primary coverage, the policy is applicable up to its coverage limits.  The maximum accident medical benefit is $5,000.  The deductible is $400 of eligible expenses.  Some expenses are limited per category.  The coverage is a reimbursement to the injured players.  The player is responsible for payments of services.  The insurance does not pay directly to any medical provider.

To file a claim, go to these instructions. As this coverage is excess of other insurance, the claimant must submit other insurance information (if available) when requested. The claim must be received with or without attachments within 90 days from the date of the accident or benefits may be denied due to untimely filing. The claim form is a fillable form using Adobe Reader and it is requested that all information be typed. The form may be saved with all of its contents when using Adobe Reader. The claimant must sign page 3 of the form, the one with the title Authorization at the top. The form will be reviewed by the State Association Verification Officer, which includes coordination with the respective league. It will then be sent to USASA. USASA will forward the documents to K&K Insurance for processing. Once the completed form is received by K&K Insurance Group, Inc/Specialty Benefits, the claimant will receive a claims acknowledgement letter.

General Liability

The general liability policy protects members in the event that a claim or legal suit is brought against them for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.  It applies not only to the league but also each team.  Defending against and paying for a liability claim can be extremely expensive. Liability insurance not only pays for damages for which your organization may be held legally liable but also cover the cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if they are groundless. The commercial general liability coverage is $2,000,000 per occurrence of which there is $3,000,000 aggregate for products and completed operations. The following are limits on the policy:

  • $300,000 for rented premises
  • $5,000 medical expenses for any one person
  • $2,000,000 for personal and advertising injury

In addition to the league and teams, the insurance can be extended to an additional insured such as local government & park authorities, which assists our members in acquiring permits for field rentals.

Concession stands managed as part of game operations are covered under this policy. If alcohol beverages are sold or distributed, it is necessary to contact the insurance broker for additional coverage.

The policy is in effect only for activities that fall under the operation of sanctioned games and events that are recognized by USASA and SCASA. If an organization is involved in other non-soccer activity, the policy does not apply. All players must be registered prior to participating in any game, practice or tryout. The policy protects players and teams only for affiliated/sanctioned games and tournaments. If a team takes part in a tournament that is not affiliated with a USASA member, then the coverage does not apply (for example, indoor tournament not organized or sanctioned by a USASA member). For members who run tournaments, it is necessary to have teams not affiliated with a USASA member to register their players in order to participate. Otherwise, the tournament is not covered under the policy.

Directors and Officers Liability

The Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects our member leagues against claims arising from the negligent acts, errors or omissions allegedly committed by a director or officer of the organization while acting within official capacity in conjunction with the performance of their duties as they relate to their soccer organization. It is available to all affiliated leagues of SCASA at no cost and includes coverage for teams as well. The policy applies to individuals who are a duly elected director or trustee, duly elected or appointed officer, employee or committee member (whether or not salaried) of an organization and any natural person acting in a voluntary capacity on behalf of an organization. There is a $25,000 deductible for general claims and a $50,000 deductible for employee practices. Additional coverage is available with deductibles as low as $1,000.

Waiver Forms – Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

Waiver and release agreements are tools that may reduce the risk or severity of claims. Signing a waiver warns the participants of risks inherent to the activity in which they choose to participate and triggers the assumption of risk defense. The participant may essentially relinquish the right to file a claim. Having a signed waiver in place provides protection which may conclude a claim early in the process, reduce the expense defense costs and the stress of a potential lawsuit. It is required under the USASA Risk Management Program that every registered player acknowledges and agrees to the Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability in order to participate in our activities. This waiver may be signed on paper or electronically through an online registration. The statute of limitations in the State of South Carolina for personal injury, property damage and product liability is three (3) years. The signed waivers are to be kept for four (4) years from signing of the documents. For those waivers that were accepted online, check with your provider concerning how those records are kept. It is also recommended that the waiver be sent as part of the confirmation message for those players who register online.

For minor participants under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, the waiver is accepted only in paper form and must also be signed by a parent/guardian.

While the waivers are required, they will not necessarily provide full protection from a lawsuit. These documents though are helpful to show a court that your organization has taken steps to inform your participants in regards to the risks of injuries and the possible consequences of playing soccer. Always keep in mind that the safety of your participants should always be the number one goal.

This Risk Management Program provides insurance coverage that gives our members excellent protection and value at a reasonable cost that other organizations do not provide.

General Insurance Information:

This is a supplemental medical insurance policy that covers injuries sustained by registered players in league games.  If a player has no other insurance coverage, it can act as primary insurance.  

The deductible is $400, which can be met either by expense payments paid by the player or by any payments made by a player’s primary insurance.  The maximum coverage per incident is $5,000.  There are limits to the coverage for various categories of expenses.

This insurance is provided by the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) as one of its benefits to registered players.  About half of the annual $20/player registration fee pays for this coverage, which is under a USASA policy with the Hartford Life Insurance Company.  Claims are administered by K&K Insurance in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Filing a Claim:

If a player has an injury during a sanctioned game, he should make sure that the referee includes a record of the injury in his game report.  To file a claim, the player contacts the league’s administrator, who, after verifying that the player is registered and that the injury occurred during a sanctioned game, gives the player’s contact information to the SCASA Secretary.

The SCASA Administrator will mail to the player a numbered insurance claim form that he must complete, sign, and send back to the Secretary with copies of any medical expense statements received at that point.  A league official, the game referee, or team captain/manager who witnessed the injury must also sign the form.  The player need not wait to receive any expense statements before filing a claim form, and, if possible, should not pay any bills until the claim has been processed.  The insurance form should be submitted within 90 days of an injury.

The insurance company will contact the player after receiving the claim from the SCASA Secretary.  After that point the player should send any medical bills to the insurance company, which will usually make any coverage payments directly to the medical providers.


© SC Amateur Soccer 2014

© SC Amateur Soccer 2014