Player Insurance


General Insurance Information:

This is a supplemental medical insurance policy that covers injuries sustained by registered players in league games.  If a player has no other insurance coverage, it can act as primary insurance.  

The deductible is $400, which can be met either by expense payments paid by the player or by any payments made by a player’s primary insurance.  The maximum coverage per incident is $5,000.  There are limits to the coverage for various categories of expenses.

This insurance is provided by the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) as one of its benefits to registered players.  About half of the annual $20/player registration fee pays for this coverage, which is under a USASA policy with the Hartford Life Insurance Company.  Claims are administered by K&K Insurance in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Filing a Claim:

If a player has an injury during a sanctioned game, he should make sure that the referee includes a record of the injury in his game report.  To file a claim, the player contacts the league’s administrator, who, after verifying that the player is registered and that the injury occurred during a sanctioned game, gives the player’s contact information to the SCASA Secretary.

The SCASA Secretary will mail to the player a numbered insurance claim form that he must complete, sign, and send back to the Secretary with copies of any medical expense statements received at that point.  A league official, the game referee, or team captain/manager who witnessed the injury must also sign the form.  The player need not wait to receive any expense statements before filing a claim form, and, if possible, should not pay any bills until the claim has been processed.  The insurance form should be submitted within 90 days of an injury.

The insurance company will contact the player after receiving the claim from the SCASA Secretary.  After that point the player should send any medical bills to the insurance company, which will usually make any coverage payments directly to the medical providers.


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